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Class Summaries

Class Content
Suggested Materials

Labour & Delivery #1

Signs & Stages of Labour

Positions for Labour & Breathing

What to bring to Hospital

Comfort Techniques Handout

Labour Handout

Pregnancy Handout

What to Bring to Hospital Check List

Labour & Delivery #2

Birth Plans

Medical Interventions

Pain Relief Options


Sample Birth Plan Form

Umbilical Cord Blood and Tissue Banking

Medical Procedures Handout

Cesarean Birth Handout

Post Partum #1

Physical & Emotional Changes

Appearances, Behaviours, Routines

Newborn Handout

Postpartum Handout

Post Partum #2

Dear Baby – Breastfeeding with Joan

Safe Sleep

How to tell if your baby is sick

TT Breastfeeding Handout

External Resources

Car Seat Safety
Checking Your Baby’s Temperature
Childproofing Your Home
Cord Blood & Cord Tissue Banking
Finding A Health Care Provider
Gestational Diabetes
How to Bathe Your Baby
Newborn Screening Information
Post Partum Mental Health

Pregnancy & Parenting Resources
Safe Sleep
Trial of Labour after Caesarean Section

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