FREE Online Prenatal Classes

While COVID-19 continues to impact many aspects of life, the fundamentals of pregnancy and childbirth remain the same. During this pandemic, we are committed to offering free online prenatal education to provide unbiased and current information to help prepare you for what still should be one of the most exciting times in your life.

In-Person Prenatal Classes

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  • Labour & Delivery #1 (2 hours)
    • Signs & stages of labour
    • Positions for labour
    • What to bring to the hospital
  • Labour & Delivery #2 (2 hours)
    • Birth plans
    • Medical interventions, pain relief options
    • Cesarean sections
    • Cord blood/tissue banking education
  • Post Partum #1 (2 hours)
    • Physical and emotional changes
    • Newborn’s World (appearances, behaviours, routines) 
  • Post Partum #2 (2 hours)
    • Safe sleep
    • How to tell if your baby is sick & when to call the doctor
    • Breastfeeding

More Free Online Classes:

  • Dear Baby: Breastfeeding with Joan (2 hours)
    • Breastfeeding Basics
    • Positioning & Holds
    • Latch Techniques
    • How to know your baby is doing well


  • Dear Baby: First Aid with Alanna & Colin (2 hours)
    • The Principles of First Aid
    • Infant and Child CPR
    • Infant and Child Choking
    • Wound Care


  • Pain, Pelvic Health, & Postpartum Recovery with Melissa (1.5 hours)
    • The Pelvic Floor Basics
    • Kegel Exercises
    • Tips to relieve your pregnancy pain today
    • Birth trauma: C-Sections, Vaginal Tearing
    • Preparing your body for delivery


  • Do I Have A Choice? Trial of Labour After Caesarean (1.5 hours)

    • Defining TOLAC and ERCS
    • Am I a candidate? Excluding factors for TOLAC
    • TOLAC – Factors that increase success
    • Risks and benefits of both procedures
    • What you can expect



  • 分娩与生产#1(两小时)
    • 分娩征兆与产程
    • 分娩姿势与呼吸
  • 分娩与生产#2(两小时)
    • 去医院要带什么
    • 生育计划
    • 医疗干预,如何止痛
    • 剖腹产


  • Cher Bébé​: Tummy Talks Français
    • Travail et accouchement #1
    • Travail et accouchement #2
    • Post Partum #1
    • Post Partum #2


  • Early Pregnancy with MFC (1.5 hours)
    • Fetal development
    • Early pregnancy symptoms
    • Planning for your pregnancy
    • Diagnostic tests
    • Nutrition & Exercises
    • Safe choices in pregnancy


"I attended the Markham Prenatal online classes and it was very relieving to hear the information. It was so great to have a place where I could ask questions and feel like I was getting an expert response."

"This was a fantastic class for us as first time parents. Everything was explained very well and made us feel very confident about labour and when the baby is here."

"A nurse even called me to follow up after the classes and ensured that my questions were answered. The online environment worked really well."

"It's way better to have professionals tell you about the information than to do all the research/readings on your own."

"We were very happy that both of the instructors work at Markham Stouffville hospital."

"The virtual hospital tour. Understanding what happens at the hospital is really useful."

"Detailed, interactive classes. Good classroom size. Highly experienced and knowledgeable trainers."

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Cord blood is the blood left in the umbilical cord and placenta immediately after your baby is born. It can be collected, stored and used at any time during your baby’s lifetime to treat a wide variety of diseases and medical conditions. Learn more now

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